Project transportation is the transportation and storage operation whose beginning and end is determined. The project-specific strategy and planning according to each cargo size, location to be delivered and type of cargo is designed for the cargo and cannot be applied to another cargo.

The dimensions of the load to be transported in the project transportation are above the land transportation measurement limits. The weight of the load consists of large and heavy materials that cannot be transported by standard means of transport. Since special strategies will be developed for each project, project transportation requires an expert and experienced team.

Scope of Project Transportation

Project transportation is not only carried out in the country, but also abroad. CIS countries, Arab countries, Balkan countries, even European countries and even the US are among the commercial lines of Turkish logistics companies. The transported loads are varied, but generally include loads used in dam constructions, pipeline constructions, cement plants, power plants, thermal power plants, wind generators or suspended bridges.

Vessel Features in Maritime Transportation

As with land, special project vehicles are used for sea transport and some project ships have internal cranes. In this way, handling is facilitated and the cost burden is reduced. Lashing on the ship for loads also simplifies the operation. During the unloading of cargoes at the destination port, crane can be used within the ship under normal conditions. However, for loads over 300 tons or non-standard lengths, cranes can be insufficient. In this case, large capacity cranes are required to unload the loads. These cranes can only be brought to the port in disassembled condition and made ready for use. Transportation of vehicles required for operation is also a different workload for non-standard transportations.

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