The Impact of Customs Clearance on International Trade

Customs procedures not only ensure the safety of the country in legal trade but also ensures human, plant, animal and environmental health. At the same time, it contributes to the national economy by collecting taxes on trade. Most importantly, customs procedures are the most important practice that prevents illegal trade. Therefore, it plays a role in combating smuggling. For all these reasons, customs procedures are critical to international trade activities.

Customs Clearance and Logistics

All transport, storage, handling, distribution, separation, lashing and customs clearance are carried out under the supervision of the customs administration, although they are very different from each other. The convenience provided by companies that make project transportation, heavy cargo transportation or standard transportation to their customers during the customs procedures stage enables them to gain a competitive advantage in the sector.

Customs procedures begin as soon as the cargo is delivered. Before the cargo reaches the country borders, all necessary information about the cargo and vehicle transported must be reported to the customs office. Inspection and control begins as soon as the vehicle carrying the load and cargo enters the borders of the country. After the cargo and the vehicle is submitted to the customs administration, transferred, stored and handled, all necessary approvals must be obtained from the customs. The smooth completion of this detailed process is, of course, much easier and effortless with transport companies with specialized teams.

Customs Operations Are Not Difficult With Viking Project Logistics

Viking Projects Logistics offers comprehensive solutions for all services needed in the field of transport, from customs clearance to warehouse services. Viking Group, together with an expert and experienced team in export and logistics in Turkey is conducting studies to identify and correct sectoral deficiencies. Viking Project Logistics is one of the leading companies in logistics sector with its over 20 years of experience.

Viking Projects Logistics is working ceaselessly to provide customers with safe, fast, cost effective and high quality service. It provides services from A to Z in logistics and customs operations with its experienced team not only in standard cargoes but also in oversize cargos requiring special operations and even in dangerous cargoes. VPL offers you all services in one item with sea, air, railway and road transportation solutions.



Viking Project Logistics, a full servıce logisticss company that help our clients expand their project cargo. With the well-experienced staff at Oversized / heavy weight and RoRo transportation, VIKING PROJECT LOGISTICS which is one of the Chartering and Fright Forwarding companies , provides service to customers who are generally have businesses about construction and Industry projects. Even though our best regions are CIS, Middle East, Africa and Far East countries, thanks to our wide Agent Network we provide services to nearly each destination in the world in the form of port to port and door to door with Sea, Rail, Land and Airways.



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