Today’s Trends In Sea Transportation

In recent years for sea transportation container and RoRo transportation is preferred in Turkey. Nowadays accustomed traditional methods gives their place to different methods because of several reasons. Main reasons are the fluctuation of the world economy and the effect of technological developments on sea transportation. Every minute in transportation has a cost because of this it is very important for both the shipper and the shipping agency to waste minimum time in ports and speed up the transporting process.

What Is RoRo?

RoRo, is short for Roll-on & Roll-off. RoRo is an equipment which is used in sea transportation for easing the process of transportation of wheeled vehicles. It provides transportation of road vehicles by sea. Some of RoRo transportations advantages are making it easier to transfer between countries and loading in ports.

Advantages Of RoRo Transportation

RoRo ships’ one of the biggest advantages besides saving on time and easy transfer between countries is the cargo has to be loaded and unloaded only one time to the transporting vehicle. Thus again it saves time and also minimizes possibility of damage and the depreciation vehicles.

Roro transportation is a transportation route where all the investments made to the roads until today can be evaluated. Also our country’s advantage in maritime lines, thanks to the strategic position of our country, makes RoRo transportation even easier. RoRo ships add value to logistics sector by linking up road, air and railway and causing a combined freight.

Capacity Of RoRo Ships

RoRo ships are manufactured with bigger capacity than ferryboats thus it makes it possible to transport big road vehicles like trucks and lowbeds. Of course the capacity of RoRo ships depends but the number of road vehicles it can carry is 80-100 vehicles on average.

Vehicles such as trucks can be loaded directly to the ships, but also only semi-trailers can be loaded. This process, which varies according to the preferences of the companies, provides savings on space for companies which have agency support on the ships delivery point. In cases like this, loads are placed on board. In this case, the vehicles waiting at the port of destination are loaded and transported to the delivery point



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